• PassSquare 4 Manager

    PassSquare 4 Manager

    The web application allows staff to manage the various steps of the event. A record is created for each event; a detailed guest list is then uploaded - so that participants can be profiled based on the role or the business line - and each name is associated with a numerical code, a QR code or an RFID tag.
  • PassSquare 4 Staff

    PassSquare 4 Staff

    The hostess can handle the accreditation process using an app for iPAd, distributed with an Enterprise License and profiled for each users. The app can work offline and online and supports accreditation, guest list management and an analytical dashboard.
  • PassSquare 4 Guest

    PassSquare 4 Guest

    The guest ticket can be delivered with a custom link that allows to download a cross platform web app (widgets) containing all the information about the event and the access code. Tickets can also be on paper and nominative, in this case containing a unique RFID TAG.

liste 2Advanced management of users profiled lists
utenze profilateCreating users profiles
locationLocation management

contenutiEvent content management
ospitiContents for the entered guests
geo check inGeo check-in

ipadiPad native app
lenteCheck-in with custom research
accompagnatoreHelper management
OrologioLast minute guest management
htmlHTML5 cross platform Widget
sincronizzazioneAdvanced synchronization

smartMobile access to the event contents
calendarioCalendar integration
sediaNominative seating


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